SpaceVac Exterior Systems

High power, high volume exterior vacuum cleaning system


Lightweight, durable and simple to use.

The SpaceVac Exterior systems are high power, high volume gutter cleaning and exterior high level vacuum cleaning system that offers an excellent combination of high performance and affordability.


Perfect for domestic & light commercial gutter cleaning.

Designed for domestic and light commercial gutter cleaning applications, the SpaceVac Exterior systems integrates lightweight yet durable 50mm diameter carbon fibre poles with a high power, high volume wet & dry vacuum unit and specialist tools for gutter cleaning.

The use of 50mm diameter poles is crucial as extensive research has proven that only these ensure blockage free operation (unlike inferior systems that use narrower poles).

Video Monitoring

Live high quality video.
Monitor your work as you go.

The systems can be upgraded to include a sophisticated camera monitoring system. The camera transmits live high quality video to an LCD monitor mounted on the poles, making tough jobs a breeze. Footage can be recorded and optionally downloaded for quality assurance. The camera system includes a lightweight, rechargeable battery, a wireless transmitter, padded camera shoulder bag as well as mains and in-car charger units.


Quick & easy to clean, reuse and maintain.

The ‘lift off’ adjustable stainless steel container allows for easy emptying despite the high volume.

Additional kit. Fit for purpose.

The capabilities of the SpaceVac Exterior systems can be enhanced by adding any number of accessories.
Fit for purpose. Fit for the job at hand.


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