SpaceVac Backpack Vacs

Ideal for schools, offices, healthcare facilities or any large high traffic area


11 litre back mounted floor vacuum

SpaceVac ProTeam Backpack Vacuums have revolutionised the commercial cleaning industry with their efficiency, ease of use and ergonomic comfort. Less than half the energy is required to clean the same area compared to upright vacuum cleaners while superior filtration ensures a healthier environment.


Specialises in cleaning for health

The high capacity backpack vacuum is ideal for vacuuming schools, offices, healthcare facilities or any large, high traffic area that requires extreme power and suction when deep cleaning any surface.

The exclusive 4 level filtration system means that 99.9% of indoor pollutants one micron or larger are collected.


Ergonomic, comfortable and safe

With a Backpack Vacuum you vacuum upright instead of hunching over which reduces lower back pain. The natural walking motion means less stress on joints and less overall body stress due to the use of larger muscle groups. Wearing a backpack improves mobility and dramatically reduces any risk of falling.


High Power, high volume mobile Backpack cleaner

The powerful motor gives an airflow rate of 4,200 litres per minute meaning fast and highly effective cleaning while the 11 litre capacity ensures longer operating times between emptying.

Additional kit. Fit for purpose.

The capabilities of the SpaceVac ProTeam Backpacks can be enhanced by adding any number of accessories.
Fit for purpose. Fit for the job at hand.


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