SpaceVac Accessories


Choose from a wide range of Accessories

The capabilities of the SpaceVac range can all be enhanced and extended by taking advantage of our range of accessories to help you get the job done. We know every job is different and have worked to develop a range of accessories and add-ons to help you get the most from your new SpaceVac system.


Poles and Clips

Our range of pole kits and clips offer users total flexibility with a range of either 50mm or 38mm carbon fibre poles, that scale to suit the job at hand. Further, ours is the only system of its kind to offer a secure fastening system (rather than other inferior friction fit systems) that won’t separate during operation.


Camera and Monitoring System

With our unique systems able to reach such heights, keeping a close eye on operations is crucial. Our ready to use wireless monitoring system allows users to see exactly what they are dealing with in real time, with the ability to download and view the footage later.



SpaceVac offer a range of high quality accessories and add-ons including storage bags and cases, rain covers and even 5 kVA generators for when external power becomes an issue.

Cuffs, Hoses and Adaptors

Extend the reach of your new SpaceVac system even further with a range of flexible hoses as well as matching cuffs and adaptors.


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